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Physical Capability Assessment

interactive sculptures



Can you pour a pint of milk?


AS part of the Welfare Reform Bill published in January 2009 the government has reviewed their ‘Work Capability Assessment’. In order to be eligible for Employment and Support Allowance you have to ‘fail’ the test. Physical Capability Assessment (2009) is a materialised version of the part of the test that measures a person’s physical capability. By interacting with the object you can assess and practice your own abilities and find out if you are entitled to the benefit.   'The Government wants as many people as possible to share in the rewards of work, because paid work is the best route to independence, health and well-being for most people...[The Work Capability Assessment] was transformed into a more positive assessment of mental and physical capability that will be applied to people who claim Employment and Support Allowance.'


More information on the Welfare Reform Bill at



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